Home Appliance Maintenance Tips


Appliances are important parts of your home, those make your daily life easier. We buy different types of home appliances for different needs. Some appliances are big in size, cost a lot and difficult to maintain and some are small and easy to maintain. No matter what kind of appliances you use, proper maintenance is mandatory to keep those functional. When you buy something with your hard earned money, you want it to be serve you for a long time.

Most house owners can’t get the most out of an appliance due to lack of maintenance. Here are some tips for proper appliance maintenance:

Refrigerator Maintenance

A home is hard to imagine without a refrigerator. We keep our fruits, vegetables and many other food items in refrigerator. So it is mandatory that your fridge is functional and in good condition. Refrigerator coil is the primary reason behind the troubles associated with this appliance. Coils keep the fridge working and keeps the inside cool. It emits the excessive heats from the fridge and keeps the contents fresh. The coil is generally resides on the back of the fridge, so house owners never have a look at it, let alone cleaning it.

If your fridge is not functioning proper, it is mostly due to the dust inside the coil. The efficiency of the refrigerator will reduce if the coil is jammed. Cleaning the coil is not difficult at all. The coil should be cleaned properly at least once a year. You can prolong the lifetime of your fridge and its efficiency with a coil cleaning.

Cleaning Dish Racks

Dish racks are fundamental element of your kitchen. It is proper appliance to organize your dishes. However, a dish rack may cause trouble for you if not maintained properly. The maintain ace of a dish rack is often ignored as this item is not electrical. However, why buy a new one when you can keep the dishwasher in good condition with a small amount of maintenance.

A dishwasher which is often used and always soaked in waters will start to get rusty on the corners. These rusty corners are not good for your dishes, in fact these can ruin your favorite dishes. Tine cleaner kits can be found in local market and you can use those to clean the rusty edges. Cleaning regularly will keep your dishwasher in good condition and it will serve you for a long time.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning

If you ever get a bad smell in your house and you have no clue where it is coming from, the garbage bin should be the suspect. Garbage disposals are often the most ignored appliance of your house. Even if you get rid of all the garbage, some are still left on the corners. These garbage will cause bad smell in your house. You have to clean the garbage disposal regularly. Cleaning it regularly will keep it in good condition. Make sure you clean the disposal properly and so pieces are left behind.